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Experience Unrivaled Range and Reliability with BigBoost Antennas

unprecedented technology

Premium radios

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BigBoost Antenna's which dramatically extend the range of RF, WiFi and LTW


Modern Two Way Radios, for Business and Industry - these aren't your grandpa's walkie talkie




Stylish and supreme quality audio accessories.  Wicked's harmonic audio technology will give you that crystal clear sound.

Redefining Two-Way Radios & Accessories

Elevating Expectations:


At Wicked Technology, we are driven by a relentless commitment to exceed the expectations of business owners and public safety professionals. Our mission is centered around understanding the unique needs, comfort, and practical use scenarios of 2-way radio users. While traditional manufacturers have produced commendable products, we recognized a disconnect when it comes to seamless functionality and exceptional aesthetics.

That's why we bring together style and substance in the next generation of portable radios. Whether you own a Motorola, Kenwood, iCOM, Harris, Tait, Hytera, or Bendix King Radio, our team is dedicated to developing revolutionary accessories tailored specifically for you. We believe in the power of collaboration and support, which is why we solely distribute our products through our trusted dealer network. Additionally, we offer custom OEM services that are unparalleled in their uniqueness and quality.

Join us as we redefine the standards of two-way radios and accessories. Experience the Wicked difference today.


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