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Premium Radio

The ALPHA1 is specially designed for commercial business use. Its advanced design ensures quality two-way radio communication for the absolute best value on the market today.


The most discerning users praise its exquisite appearance as value-added that your customers notice on the golf courses, in hospitality environments, entertainment venues, valet crew, retail establishments and anywhere giving the look and feel of high-end quality is important. Yet tough enough for construction workers, landscape companies, warehouse fulfillment centers, box stores, schoolyards, and much more.

Radio Features:

  • 16 Programmable Channels

  • 5 WATTS

  • UHF 450-470 MHZ

  • Integrates with most existing radio systems

  • Alpha Armor Shield Faceplate

  • Scrambler (Sound Encryption)

  • Channel Scan

  • Battery Save Mode

  • 2000 mAh Li-Ion battery

  • Rapid Rate Desktop Charger

  • 2 Year Warranty*


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