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Our Mission

At Wicked Technology, we come to work every day to push the boundaries of what business owners and public safety professionals expect from their two-way radios and accessories. Our Mission drives us to focus on the needs, comfort and practical use scenarios of 2-way radio users. Traditional 2way radio manufacturers have made some great products in the past, however, when it comes to their products not only working well but looking great – on you – there’s been a disconnect. 

We deliver style and substance to the next generation of portable radios. Whether you own a Motorola, Kenwood, iCOM, Harris, Tait, Hytera or Bendix King Radio our team is working on revolutionary accessories for you. Additionally, we believe in supporting our dealer network. Wicked does not sell direct to end-users but rather only through its dealer channel and offers custom OEM services for manufacturers that are unique in every way. 

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