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Unleash Unrivaled Power: The Ultimate Portable Antenna Unleashed

Discover the future of radio communication with the BigBoost Xtreme Antenna by Wicked Technology. Designed specifically for the demanding needs of wildland fire crews, this cutting-edge antenna is a pioneer in patented radio signal technology.

Elevate your communication range with a device that effortlessly spans up to 50+ miles in ideal conditions. Say goodbye to repeater restrictions and hello to a horizon where distances diminish.

USFS veterans endorse its performance, setting it apart in the crowded radio equipment market.

Your needs dictate your choice: the 33" Titanium Whip for unmatched durability or the 32" Telescoping antenna for seamless portability. Both are optimized for high-performance radio communication.


Dive into a realm where the extraordinary becomes the standard. With the BigBoost Xtreme Antenna, you're investing in the pinnacle of amplified connectivity. Upgrade to the best in radio technology and experience a new age of communication


50+ Miles of range

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